Bruce MacGregor

Bruce MacGregor Treasure — (Bos Taurus lactus)

Plastic milk bottles, steel mesh – $2,000.00

 Bruce MacGregor— Treasure — Bos Taurus lactus

A symbolic representation of the NZ dairy industry’s impact on the natural world.

Just as land conversions to dairy units for profit alter the environment so the Bos, a mutant plant form, establishes itself, dominates and pollutes the surrounding eco-system at Wharepuke.

The protective steel mesh ‘bark’ protects the ‘plant’ as the market place does the farm.

The two litre bottles symbolise the dominance of the large dairy unit over the land and resources.

The degradation of the paper labels, steel and plastic represents the pollution of the soil, water and atmosphere that intensive farming causes.

Bos Taurus grandabunda, the largest of the structures, the high dollar value

Bos Taurus variegatta the mid-sized sculpture, the variations that happen within the dairy industry

Bos Taurus underbunda, the smaller sculpture the collapse and hazards of market driven ventures at cost to everyone and everything


 Bruce MacGregor— Treasure — Bos Taurus lactus

The use of materials not generally recognised for use in creating an art piece.  A challenge to the audience to consider what it’s about and to bring into focus the mundane consumer waste as objects of design and creativity outside their original purpose.