Drew Cookson

Drew Cookson – Until the last one fades

Ferro cement, glass marbles, reinforcing wire mesh – $4,500.00

Drew Cookson sculpture park

Bird bath in the form of a Spraxia flower.

I was born in 1971 and have lived in Northland ever since. I commenced employment in the plastering trade in 1993. Soon after I started I brought home a leftover bucket of plaster, many more buckets came home before my first piece was completed. I have worked on several ferro-cement art sculptures over the past 23 years including the Hunderwasser toilets.

My affinity with nature and growing up in the Bay of Islands has a strong influence on my work. It represents the realization of form using the absolute strength and rigidity of plaster against the delicacy of flowing lines creating a felling of life while still retaining the solidity needed to last generations.

Drew Cookson sculpture park

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