Sculpture Park Artists

Wharepuke Sculpture Park Artists

Below is the list of current sculpture park artists and a link to a downloadable trail guide.

We operate a rolling change over of works which allows artists to make proposals and submissions at any time of the year.  Works are guaranteed a certain amount of time in the park then artists can change them or propose new works to replace sold works.

Some works are part of our growing permanent collection and some are designed to be ephemeral and to disintegrate or return to the earth.

The current trail guide can be downloaded as a PDF file from here  Current Trail Guide

The following artists currently have work installed on the sculpture trail:

Donald Buglass 

Alice Burns 

Chris Booth (Permanent Collection)

Tania Booth

Webber Booth

Leo Cappel 

Trish Clarke

Drew Cookson 

Charmayne Dobbs 

James Edmonds 

Sheree Edwards

Regan Gentry (Permanent Collection)

Heather Glen 

Mark Graver

Christopher Hinde 

Vivian Keenan 

Mick Kirkby-Geddes (Permanent Collection)

Sarah Lenton 

Louise Lever 

Simona Luchian  (Permanent Collection)

Kim Logue 

Bruce MacGregor 

Sen McGlinn 

Dianne McMillan 

Kelley Morrell (Permanent Collection/Ephemeral)

Richard Parker (Permanent Collection – on-going project)

Mishka Patterson 

Lynne Price

Claudia Recorean

Natascha Rodenburg 

Olga Schigal 

Fiona Rennie Schwieters

Tiffany Singh (Permanent Collection)