Lynne Price

Lynne Price – Hunter/Gatherers (21st Century)

Plastic bags

Should you wish to purchase your own ‘biodegradable’ plastic bag please contact us – Large $120, Medium $65, small $35

This work is knitted and plaited from more than 100 throw-away bags collected from fellow hunter/gatherers at supermarkets. They are filled with unknitted plastic bags. The work vacillates between what we shouldn’t use* and what we should use – sustainable bags, kete, wine carriers. Most of us don’t use plastic bags for wallets and handbags.

Lynne Price - Hunter Gatherers (21st Century)
Lynne Price – Hunter Gatherers (21st Century)

There are nine bags.

* The bags will be photographed regularly for degradation. In that event, the bags will be removed.*

Bangladesh has banned plastic bags.

*Even though polyethylene can’t biodegrade, it does break down when subject to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, a process known as photodegradation…polyethylene’s polymer chains become brittle and crack, eventually turning what was a plastic bag into microscopic synthetic granules.

Lynne Price - Hunter Gatherers (21st Century)
Lynne Price – Hunter Gatherers (21st Century)

Scientists aren’t sure whether these granules ever decompose fully and fear that their buildup in marine and terrestrial environments—and in the stomachs of wildlife—portend a bleak future compromised by plastic particles infiltrating every step in the food chain. A plastic bag might be gone in anywhere from 10 to 100 years (estimates vary) if exposed to the sun, but its environmental legacy may last forever.

*The 9 lives in the world and understands the connections between all of mankind. It is a humanitarian, and sees no real difference between its neighbour next door and the person living in a very different culture and environment on the other side of the world.

The 9 is the least judgmental of all numbers, the most tolerant and the most conscious.


Print on plastic – $600

Lynne Price - Immobile
Lynne Price – Immobile

Mobile phones delight me –

Mobile phones appal me –

…immobilising nature

…immobilising seeing

…immobilising words

…immobilising feeling*

* Immobile alerts: • scenery selfies • art gallery selfies • any restaurant, any time • ‘Breaking up is easy’

Lynne Price - Immobile
Lynne Price – Immobile

Actualisation of this life-size, transparent immobile phone with see-through text from W.B Yeat’s The Lake Isle of Innisfree Concept Artist: Lynne Price Technical Artist: paul@signsoflife