Natascha Rodenburg

Natascha Rodenburg – Inside Out

Mamaku (Cynthea medullaris, tree fern), gesso, linseed oil, wire, paint – $2,520.00

Natascha Rodenburg – Inside Out. sculpture art park

Mamaku had died. Mamaku had to be removed. Mamaku was removed.

Bits of Mamaku were forgotten.

In memory Mamaku was still very much alive; standing upright and tall on the island.

Mesmerising. Pulling. Drawing. Depth. Beauty.

A closer look.


More memories flooding in. Connections. Re-connections.

The inside brought the insight.

The first one. Independently admired for so long.

Mesmerising. Pulling. Drawing. Depth. Beauty.

Revealing what had been hiding for so long.

Unknown to what it was. Send away on a journey for it’s mesmerising beauty.

Not long after another opportunity came along.

The inside brought the insight.


Natascha Rodenburg

A Captured Moment in Time

Cardboard, polyurethane varnish, PVA glue, ink


150 sheets of ripped cardboard standing tight together. A semi hard outer shell.

The core, subject to transformation.

Food for Thought, Experiment 2: Experiencing ‘Source of Unlimited Potential’ – an opportunity for contemplation

Food for Thought

This is the second installation out of the series ‘Food for Thought – Experiments’.

The material used in the installation is called BESE-elements, co-created by three companies  (two Dutch and a German). They are created out of potato waste and are fully biodegradable and digestible without the need for composting agents or specific temperatures. They degrade in a matter of a few years, leaving no traces. Because of its unique qualities it is used for instance for recovery of natural mussel beds.

An unlimited potential, mesmerising in its beauty, connecting many layers on many levels. Solidifying. Already pieces of art in themselves, now presented as art pieces to the world. Bringing support, protection and nourishment back to nature and once decomposed, leaving no traces except ‘food for thought’.

The first installation (Food for Thought, Experiment 1: Experiencing ‘Pathway of Unlimited Potential’) was exhibited in the Netherlands. It was unveiled at the opening ceremony of the sculpture trail LandArt Diessen 2017 in coincidence with the presentation of bio based economy and Dutch bio based companies to the European Parliament.  More installations across Europe are in development.

Natascha J.A. Rodenburg is a Dutch – New Zealand artist. She was born in the Netherlands and is of Dutch-German-Slovenian descendant. After 20 years having lived, worked and sailed in New Zealand she returned in 2016 enriched and inspired back to the Netherlands. Since then her work has only gained strength and momentum. She is strengthening the connection between New Zealand and the Netherlands and is establishing her work internationally.

Acknowledgements: Bureau Waardenburg (Culemborg, Nl), Rodenburg Biopolymers (Oosterhout, Nl),  Enexio (Wettringen, D).

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