Natascha Rodenburg

Natascha Rodenburg – Inside Out

Mamaku (Cynthea medullaris, tree fern), gesso, linseed oil, wire, paint – $2,520.00

Natascha Rodenburg – Inside Out. sculpture art park

Mamaku had died. Mamaku had to be removed. Mamaku was removed.

Bits of Mamaku were forgotten.

In memory Mamaku was still very much alive; standing upright and tall on the island.

Mesmerising. Pulling. Drawing. Depth. Beauty.

A closer look.


More memories flooding in. Connections. Re-connections.

The inside brought the insight.

The first one. Independently admired for so long.

Mesmerising. Pulling. Drawing. Depth. Beauty.

Revealing what had been hiding for so long.

Unknown to what it was. Send away on a journey for it’s mesmerising beauty.

Not long after another opportunity came along.

The inside brought the insight.

Setting an intent.

The spaces ‘in between’ invite to be investigated.

When enough information has been gathered

and enough connections have been made,

the creation of a conclusion follows.

All melts together with the aim

that the end result rises ‘above’.

And so the essence gets caught.

Natascha Rodenburg

A Captured Moment in Time

Cardboard, polyurethane varnish, PVA glue, ink


150 sheets of ripped cardboard standing tight together. A semi hard outer shell.

The core, subject to transformation.

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